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Team Tony Day – January 25th

January 25th marks one year since Pastor Tony was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This time last year, we thought our worst fear was coming true. We were going to lose him.
God had other plans. After a year of several rounds of high power chemotherapy, lots of blood transfusions, being brought back by the defibrillator once, a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his amazing brother Clark, losing his hair and about 75lbs, and many months of medications and treatment from the fantastic doctors and nurses at KU Medical Center – he is doing better than we could have ever imagined. He still has work ahead to continue getting better, but I’m so thankful he’s still here.

To celebrate God’s amazing miracles and advancements in leukemia treatment that saved Pastor Tony’s life, I thought it would be fun if we could all wear our Team Tony t-shirts on Jan 25th. Post your picture of you in your shirt with #teamtony or #leukemiaawareness on Thursday.



Update on Pastor Tony

Pastor Tony’s numbers are getting better and he’s been able to go down to clinic visits every other day. As long as all continues to go well, he will be able to finally attend church this Sunday! He is very excited! Hope to see you there.


Update on Pastor Tony

Well, things were going well, but we have a bit of a setback again.

Pastor Tony was home this past week. His doctor had not given clearance for him to go home, but you know him. He was ready to be home and was feeling good, so he went home. You may have seen him around Appleton City recently. Unfortunately, he’s having some kidney trouble so he will be back at the clinic daily for the next week or more.

He was set to be back at church on Sunday, September 24th, but that won’t be possible now. Hopefully we get this issue identified and resolved quickly so he can get back home and start working towards the new normal at home with the church and Appleton City community.

Keep him in your prayers! Thank you for being with him and us as he continues on this difficult journey.

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Update on Pastor Tony

Good Morning Friends,

As you may have heard, Pastor Tony is back in the hospital. He is having some complications and is undergoing several tests and scans in search for answers. At this time, we have no answers to share. As soon as we do, we will update you all.

Continued prayers are so very appreciated. At this time, he cannot have visitors.


Update on Pastor Tony

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been awhile since our last update. For awhile there after the transplant, it was just a waiting game to see if the transplant would be a success.

We received the best news – the transplant was 100% successful! He is still undergoing treatment to ensure his body continues healing. Pastor Tony is feeling really good. We are over half way through the 100 days to release from treatment! September 2nd is our 100 day mark, and hopefully the finish line for this difficult season of life. Pastor Tony misses Appleton City and the Church and looks forward to when he can get back to his normal life.

For now, he is staying in Pleasant Hill with his grandson because he has to stay within a certain range from the hospital. He still is supposed to be limiting visitors and exposure. He was able to get out for a short while to see the Pleasant Hill Firework show, a tradition of our family. It was the first time the great-grandkids had seen their Papa in what has felt like forever. Restrictions were that he wasn’t allowed to hold them and was supposed to wear a mask – but you know him.


We can’t wait for this to be over! Thank you to everyone who has kept him in your prayers and kept up with his story. You are appreciated!

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Update on Pastor Tony

On Wednesday and Thursday, Pastor Tony’s numbers were doing so well, he was released to outpatient before the thirty days he’d originally been told by his doctor! He has to stay within a certain mile radius of the hospital while he is receiving outpatient chemo and continues to improve so he couldn’t go home. He is staying with his grandson in Pleasant Hill until he is finished and cleared around the 100 day mark. Until then, he is still not supposed to be around many people or children under 12 due to his immunity still being bottomed out.

He is doing well, feeling better every day! This round of chemo is causing him to lose his hair again – so all that had grown back will be gone very soon, but he said he’s willing to trade his hair for a few more years.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers!

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Update on Pastor Tony

Hi Everyone,

Pastor Tony received this beautiful quilt from Pat of the First Christian Church in Appleton City, signed by his parishioners. He loves it and thanks you all. He broke down a bit after receiving such a thoughtful gift, but is feeling well.